The dilated current

“I am growing tall”

Her mouth quivered and retorted,

the glint of excitement like dew on her lip.

She stood folded in their bliss;

mouth opened in enchantment,

tongue weighted and about to slip.


Her resplendent obscurity,

flickered and soaked up all emanation

from Her fostered green orchestration.

Then as the merciless blinking ceased;

That vibrancy flourished and coalesced…

scaled memories without future desire,

and once born,

that eclectic storm-

was brought forth from Her eyes.


Her hair short and frayed;

Her current dilated

Yet a soul unshaken,

not plucked nor heard.

Never a hint of ire;

or exuberance that could tire.

Just two squinted eyes

that could nought…

But admire.


“let’s see how you are growing”

Started a scarred voice,

saturated with a care,

that forced him alone to bear,

a life that lay lopsided

and on a tear.


Their palms then outstretched,

The deepened valleys of His

and the faintest streams of Hers



His feeling took him…

Shook him.

As her and her maker

went for a swim,

beneath his skin.

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