The Worm

I come from a darkened alleyway;

A crevasse…

Hidden in a corner,

No light in my day.

Earthly goodness and me-


I began a worm,

Venturing on my way.

Jagged and ominous,

This new world lay.


Ring by ring;

The Hungry…

Took pieces from me;

Each starting,

Weak and needy-

To grow and unfold.


Rung by Rung



Without too much of a question,

The pieces forgot me

And the body we once-



I remember though;

Parts of me stolen.

Taken by the animosity

Of a world that forgot…

How to breathe.

Yet what is worse;

I let the brethren of my being

Join the breathless and sullied.


And now? …now?

I can’t help but live with the past

And the ghost;

His friend.

That takes away a present

And never,

Never makes it last.


This little worm saw it,

The slipping of the way.

Don’t be the worm…

That lost his way.

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