-“Hello Sweetie!”


-“What’s your name?”


-“And how old are you, Violet?”


-“And do you have a favorite animal?”

-“ummm lickle wabbits”

-“Awww bless you Violet”


It still rankles:

Her, the tiny frame

in the fluffed world

of her coat on stage.

The dimpled grin caught

by all that bright flash.







-“It’s a rabbit”




The ride home muted,

frozen in the Flash.

Her, the hollow in her bones;

The silhouette of the dance

of innocence and innate stain.


Name: Violet

Age: 19

Cause of Death: OD

Time: 3:00 PM


The truth lay in that flash.

Black lies on white,

They missed out the wabbits.

They missed out me.

Cause of Death.



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