Lightness and Weight

In the dark waters slow lull;
in the depths of another life,
beneath the clarity of the surface-
past where vision blinds to let you dream,
deeper into your silhouette on the water.

You will see her tail disappear.
The precision of incalculable grace-
a balance of the worlds lightness and weight.

No matter how long you wait,
the course of patience owns no time.
Wait your life if you can’t see,
that some things we may never learn.

All about you lies a balance
All about you it is born

A harsh thirst for deliverance
but if we were to only listen,
to shake this concentric self
and understand the complexity
of the laces of connections
moving intricate through beings
attached intrinsically and wholly.
And understand this movement,
as a muse to daughter us equal.

Under the gentle current of a dream
I saw her again, not knowing why
I was seeing through her closed eyes,
this ancient fish with a mouth wide,
as to encompass all the candles
in the sky of a lonely fishers night.

I saw her counting her young;
effortlessly still to weight,
as I saw myself break the surface-
to drift back down to the depths.
Up and down-
To no end-
and each time I broke free,
I felt myself heavy on the floor
and each time I drowned,
I felt myself draw breath.

I do not know whether I have awoke
or if I still lay restless in her sleep,
but I have lost all of me
and in doing so,
fathered in me,
not the power to float.
Nor that to sink,
but the power to be still
and belong to everything.

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