In the beginning,
before the morning broke,
mother never used to cry.

In the beginning,
folk big and small knew the law,
father knew no lie.
We happened upon a mishap.
People none to easy to keep happy,
Words none too easy to keep to.

In the beginning,
I don’tremember much.

They took me from mama.
They took pa from mama,
Who lay still to the sea
that brought me to the enemy.

Those were the loneliest of nights,
dreaming backwards for the promise
of shelter. Any old thing to cling to.

A child of no warmth.
There were a few
-They say.

As a root grows darker
in seeing a branch touch the light,
I became a shadow,
Loneliness a rhythm
of bland mouthfuls until
I became the aftertaste
of what they’d done.

Tell me of a time of no wrong.

I, a child in a playground of war
stuck on the other side of home.
A doll of thin bones
left to the cold.
Some faces I can no longer draw.
Is it unforgivable to have forgotten?

In the dead of winter,
When the pallor took my skin-
a coat came..

It was not much.
I don’t need all too much.
I have learned a thing or two.
It was enough.
It gave me comfort,
Some of my color back.

I began to dream again;
all through the day
became my fancy, of the face
behind the label on the back of me.
It was something to cling to
and I was lone at heart,
lone to all about me.

It seems strange to say now,
Distant as distance undone
but I kept that coat
even when cold was gone-

I met my gran upon shores of people
in that very coat.
It was not much.
but it gave me hope
and how I dallied endless
to uncover this mystery
given to me.

This is the only thing I care to own
but I have a story to finish off
and I have longed for this day,
even if it is only a silly story.

Forgive me for my tears,
you see there are some moments
too precious to be held by time
and long has been my wait.

I believe we met
the day I took charge that coat,
For I have seen a lot of faces
and dreamed beyond those too
and in every dream I envisioned you
and each morning I woke alone,
I woke to the chance of you.

It may sound ridiculous
but there is something sublime
in the simplest of things
and for that I thank you.

I believe this coat is yours.

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