Their plane is his to board

devil cat up and boarded a plane,
took flight in the effluvium
caught sometime in the cloud
of our bird’s eye mind

he lit a cigarette; cloud plume
spume fiddles and fills like
his brief case brim spills
loaded pills, that the skychains
don’t even want to claim again

Giants swat above the city steeps
great minds pick at the picnic of his

one for every day
in his week

sometimes, when they come
to see him, he picks them apart
like toy trains in his playground
of infinite infantile thought

each one the same
each one the same
until they believe it

sometimes, when they come
to see him, their flailing arms silence
in their regression onto him

how many fall in the simmer
haze of refraction in reflection?

all about devil cat they lay
wandering over themselves
in the suspended heat of his despair

“It must be the effluvium
caught in the clouds” they say
but they know he is up there
and will never come down

such is the law of the gravity
they created in weighing him

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