light leafs the tree’s candle

a star left behind, in every face

the moon has shown,

somewhere itself 

among swirling planets of jellyfish 

zodiacal encyclopedias light up 

the resystematic universe, shower 

tentacle tailed meteor flickers



caught in time’s flux,

pale blue shadowdust, whispers

of what is missed

a child’s language, left out

in the watery black night 

to unbound a cosmos,

speckle clad in pearlescent clams,

amid the curdled phosphorescence 

of our silver river’s straw wintered way

a depth met both beyond and beneath

oceans that keep her lost and dotting 

the restless chaos of the cryptic stars,

touching a profile in the constellations 

she can know longer reach or see

in word’s drawing memory 

but find somewhere, above 

the ebb of fatherless moonlight

all the letters written back

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