refuge bay

where the displaced wriggle restless

like waves landing the carpet sea,

pasts strand in shimmers of the moonlit

tint of the night’s nest of sleeping hair

but by day, they lay the same 

dust colors wan skin to shade the sun,

bodies slip back in, lapped up 

by the canine tongue of the tide

two babies gather shoes, giggling 

as they pile them into play houses

half expecting to be told off 

and finding sardine dried smiles, 

they continue entertaining death

step in stones

We once set out in rafts,

lashed and bound by strands 

of the lands that outgrew us

to be taken to a destiny 

that only a few made

Waterwind our course 

until we mastered it in sail,

in starryskyeyes: the maps

that may never lie, no matter

which way man sides

and now we listen, unwinding 

cochlear spirals for silence 

we have lost to ferrying lights 

flickering coastlines, overrun 

in slick and spill, the slurry

we are stuck in, 

inventing a way out 

Adventure in discovery has shrunk

into an umbral star, alive in hindsight 

in its wake of vast space, touching 

the ocean along the back of night

The eyes we see through

have forgot how they look

Where will they turn to 

when we have mastered it all,

recollecting forms of the god, Nature,

from the shallows of ourselves

and hailing it as our art? 

lost to be found

sometimes you must experience understanding, as nothing

 and in that silence


other times you try hold this feeling

in words that tonguefall

language to be the air forming
a breath silhouette of this moment

releasing another,

as they feel the memory of your words

in the nature returning thought 

a sense unmarred it’s others