the mind was flat 

before it found the horizon 

could sink into the sea’s drift,

and eclipse the silted cliffs, that stretch 

their chins beyond  

the rested bones of this basin 

lapping off the endless run of mist

 untongued by air, into the philosopher’s sky

a mountainous resound of the land’s

pooling cloud, drowned in the partless sun

saving us before our thought’s dawn-

the mask of nuclear shadows, sketching

upon on the shores of an anenome moon

we can no longer explore 

The journeys of color through light’s relay

hold the day in echo of where it began 

in yesterday, a wrinkle retreating

inside the elephants skin we are cratered in,

alive in the dormant valley’s paleosol,

red swept from the back of tomorrow

where the tributaries traced as maps

are kaleidoscopic truths to the eye

of a thousand pencil cartographers

engrained in a refugee’s face

or an ancestor’s print, petrified

within the desert of direction 

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