House no.4

House no.4
1. Thirty year labyrinth 

yes, you have never left, 

waiting like footstep

stuck in a sand sketch,

cleft by the driftwood 

of childhood.

You taper stretched 

this lifetime 

a map of me,

the intricacy of your veins

draws me like a delta,

silversand drowned 

in seedling memory,

fig fleshing an orchard 

from the silt of a sewer

apple mango, cherrypear avocado, 

papaya passion, guava          colors

that curl in us

the tendrils of our language

2 Tonight, where we forget 


and the soft spoken bandage

of our love, 

the happiness denied

comes alive,


the teeth of the sublime

in the cat-licking blink of the tide

Where you are you .3

is where we are free 

from the yearly limbo 

tracing the solstice’s step,

made and unmade,

ruffled like the covers

of the jugular tide

but you awoke today,

stayed in your own skin

long enough 

to break me from mine

and the bloodthicken 

tears that balance me so near 

the drain of the sea 

have grown me 

the orchestra of a flower,

purple white passion, 

the infinite lip of oblivion.

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