The story of a poem

The Story Of A Poem



When rain falls you are all

this story – the voice


of a thousand momentary mouths

welcoming the water as it drums

and drowns the thirst of soil

in its stores of silence



The words have poured

and perforating the floor – out


sprouted the pollen of worlds




We felt the horizon

hide absent-mindedly inside


the cave of innermost quiet


A whir flung fluting from a gulf

like a shoot sprung shooting

rushes to the light of our mouths,

a loop ballooned beginning


its path dug-out of inward current


words buoyantly kingfisher-

in between mulch and canopy

rain – drop hover-ing – lunar

and plangent –


catch the lullaby

one cannot touch, clutch


the coconut’s husk

of language


now hush





less air

less breath met


ness of river

less flow


sweat stuck solid


on journeying rest


a thin, left hair

grew there


a stranger to nowhere


it was not death

but the raw cut of a bud


the open wound singing


a necessary line

of dehi-

scence. deep reaching


dip of deliverance d-

is-closing the edge


that lends the lens

of presence



Lip the rain-

bowed solace

in your chest


now digress


dowse your finger

print in limbo


Drought desert dirge d-

earth is deciduous rain –

made shape permeate im-

permanence –


made dirt


made hurt


made rain-

bird heard

make rain-

drop in oracle


made lyrebird im-

person-ate – all


and birth soak old,




drip, drown

desert, scour

and scorch



rip, reiterate, shell

and break


thread the rain, throw

the finger-


tips threshold

of ocean


splinter – inter-

mittent – inter-




Shake the water

that sheds reversal


in loss, sweat source,

vein course, t-

urn return for – wards


pit-pat – patter-n present


time is cymatics, sound

spatters and s – pans waves

to cloud in the cowry


shake the empty well

shake it well

the water will well,

whirl and whorl, wash

over the drum hole, stir

the acou-stic wound to

re-in-verberate and vent

the mammoth – expression


now burst


cell body the girth of world

before the moment


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