Sitting on the outer-most ring of existence

I seem to have gone missing


I sing and sing

but no one hears me



this is the problem


I’ve traded my body

for all I see


To ocean I lose sense

and forget my self


to remember

and be held by the universe



but foolish, isn’t it


When one breath

tranquilly tells me

I am no different



Eclipsed by fears and dreams, I thin

and brittle, seep into mist and tears,

treetops and rivers, soak channels through land

and valleys through mountains, wet ashes

to animates, stir seasons and rhythms,

breathing, beating, fluid

as an anemone, I am

stranded in transience, swept

by stillness


liminal, if I lead myself

to believe it



So I point my finger


and there I begin, I blink


and inhabit the other side

of what I know, dangling stubborn

all along the hidden horizon


a voice lilting in the distance

so too speaks inside my own


we are no different









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