In the stillness of a river

I have sat and dwelled

three lifetimes or more,

I cannot tell.

Witnessing the world

pour-me over

In a silence

I could not spell


I was a pebble, stirring

and swelling the constant

shed of depth


floating all along the cosmos

in the smallest of songs


I was the aura

of what one cannot be

quiet sure of, a nebula

of ocean


you see

I was both at once and


once, once more


I was the source


no longer man,

nor woman

nor god, but





of all





a humming puddle

of dilating nothing


I had wet the stone

and dried the water

tasted the salt and


thirsted no more


I awoke

with each moment

until bursting we over-

turned the stone


an empty shell

laughed and


cracked open


out of absence

flourished a forest


i was lost

there was no knowledge


there was no focus


a turtle was born











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