Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone



If you skim a stone over the rolling ocean

and watch it pour long into the horizon

it will smooth onto your palm

the tropic Capricorn


If you skip a seed along the ever same ocean

to watch it grow in another land, a home

for the birds and bees, pollinators

of your memories


Will you still keep throwing

seed after stone, stone after seed

until fluidity leaps from its lips


and it, itself, flickers in speech


begins beginning its own riddle of rhythm

blissfully waking ripples

with the nimble feet of a flying fish

skilfully dipping and teasing the surface,

freeing the ceiling, singing with

the wind over the reef –

nothing is ever complete


Laughter, laughter, further and further

everywhere the expanse expanded bouncing

bounded outward and un-encompassed

from its birth-pod of cloud

and ocean the cosmos

of sound and gas


Until the laughter did burst the rupture

reverberating all around, soft and loud


and mirth emerged in one lasting dance


And you, reaching all distance

kept this feeling kindled

inside of a miniature heartbeat






I shed a stone that iterated infinitesimal,

a note skidding headlong into another kingdom

where every door lay ajar, and every path


fed the avalanche of sun


An iridescent pebble that grew to song

before it knew I was gone

to sky to dream

a loophole in the dream


The largest part of small

becoming a hum


like I became the stone





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